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Clinical Pilates adapts traditional Pilates principles to enhance understanding of alignment of the body, therefore maximising performance through focused control of specific muscles.

The precise movements of Pilates, led by a physiotherapist, can gently and safely help to re-pattern
and strengthen ineffective and dysfunctional movement patterns caused by injury.

Clinical Pilates is designed to strengthen weak muscles, elongate tight muscles and balance
asymmetries of the body.

Clinical Pilates begins in the treatment room under the guidance of our therapists, with a series of exercises that the client can practice at home to improve function. As the client’s ability and understanding of movement patterns improves, especially with recruitment of the correct muscles, progression is made to our Pilates equipment in the gym. The Reformer allows for control through range of movement and greater focus on the affected area.

Once instructed in the correct use of the equipment, clients may then purchase a gym concession card and come in to use the equipment independently.

Currently we have Sally Leech who has trained in Clinical Pilates, and is passionate for this form of rehabilitation. Often clients are referred to Sally for focused one-to-one sessions as they come to the end of their recovery. This aids in the prevention of further injury through an effective and individually-tailored exercise program.


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