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Bounce back program at Riccarton Physio

Fit2Function Physio Classes is an original, individualised small group exercise class. It is a combination of clinical pilates and circuit exercises which are taken by a qualified physiotherapist. All exercises are aimed at gradually loading your body while keeping good posture. Physiotherapists are trained to observe, assess and analyse movement and are experts at prescribing exercises at your individual level of ability, fitness and function.

These classes are aimed at those recovering from spine, hip and lower limb injuries but can be helpful for everyone.  They are an excellent step between physio rehab and moving back into exercises on your own or in the wider community. Joining these classes will help you maintain recovery, avoid re-injury, help boost your confidence and get you back to full function.

We have a 1:5 ratio of physiotherapists to participants so you will be well supervised.

Classes will run on a 6 week cycle with a variety of exercises that can be tailored to your individual level.

Cost is $25 per class or you can buy a 6 class concession card for $125. 


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