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Exercise prescription

Currently in New Zealand one in four people are overweight. We have high rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and mental health conditions. Research has shown that all of the above can be influenced positively with an increase in physical activity.

At Riccarton Physio we can guide you through a program to help you become more active. It doesn’t need to be sweating it out in a gym! There are many forms of activity that are beneficial to your overall well-being. It may be as simple as gardening and walking more regularly. The important aspect is to find something you enjoy and will partake in regularly.

We will assess your base level of fitness/activity and design a program that is suitable for your needs that takes into account any risk factors that you may have. Each program will be targeted to your specific situation and requirements.

Post injury or Post op your body will quickly become deconditioned. This can start as early as few days with immobilisation (i.e. sling or cast). As part of your rehab your physio can help you with an overall fitness regime to restore optimal health and function.


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