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My goal for my services ‘Eat to Nourish’ is to provide dietary input for anyone who wants it, either for medical conditions where diet can help the outcome or symptoms, or to finally build a healthy and balanced relationship with food.

I have had a vast amount of experience so far in my career. I have worked as a clinical paediatric dietitian, in paediatric gastroenterology (working with children with inflammatory bowel disease or functional bowel disorders), women’s health, diabetes, cardiology, radiation and head and neck cancer and surgery. Along with my work at the hospital, I have started my own business, which I now am putting more time and passion into!

I have a crazy amount of passion for helping others, and Eat to Nourish is an ideal way to do this. I hope to help others on their nutrition journey, and aid freedom with food, breaking the diet cycle, and nutrition for medical conditions also.

I am a non-diet Dietitian, meaning I know that health is more than weight and a number. I am an advocate for Health at every size, and I offer a compassionate and all-inclusive service.

I can offer input for IBS, FODMAPS, IBD, weight gain, general sports nutrition, nutrition for pregnancy and breast-feeding, endometriosis, PCOS, cardiovascular disease, pre-diabetes. 

Cost: New Patient Session: 50mins-1hour: $120 Follow Up Appointment: 20-30mins: $70.

I am also in the process of developing group sessions, packages and a variety of different seminars and sessions altered to groups and individuals.

For a balanced life. A healthier life. A happier life.

Laura Carlson, NZRD.


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