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Riccarton Physiotherapy currently has a staff of 10 physiotherapist's, a massage therapist, a podiatrist and two administrators/receptionists. We have an excellent team of well qualified and experienced therapists who can provide exceptional one on one treatments. Should your condition not be responding or progressing as expected we will quickly arrange for one of the partners to review the case and offer advice and treatment options. Should progress still not be as expected or the case requires further investigation or specialist intervention we will refer to the appropriate person.

With a large staff it is within your rights and responsibilities to choose the therapist that you would like to see. If you would like a second opinion please feel free to ask your therapist or reception staff – we will not be offended and we are there to help you the best we can as a clinic.

Diana Conner

Dip Phys., Adv.Dip.Phys (Manual Therapy)

Diana qualified in 1988 and pursued her interest in musculo-skeletal physiotherapy after one year in the hospital system. She completed a full-time post-graduate one year course in Auckland in 1993 and practiced in sole charge for one year before travelling overseas in 1994. She worked in British Columbia, Canada for almost 2 years where she gained experience in Activity-based programmes and work rehabilitation.

Diana joined the Practice in 1996 and worked for one year before establishing the partnership with Kevin in 1997. With a background in musculo-skeletal physiotherapy in conjunction with gym-based rehabilitation she has developed several programmes using these skills. As well as hands on manipulative skills, she enjoys working with work related injuries and chronic pain syndromes. Muscle balancing and complete postural assessments are some of her strengths using a holistic approach to rehabilitation.

  • Diploma of Physiotherapy - Otago School of Physiotherapy 1988
  • Advanced Diploma of Physiotherapy (Manual Therapy) Auckland Institute of Technology 1992
  • Member of New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP)
  • Member of New Zealand Private Practitioners Association (NZPPA)
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Katherine Pierce

Dip Phys., Dip Manip Phty., M PHTY

Katherine Pierce qualified in 1988 with a Diploma in Physiotherapy. She completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1997 at Otago University and completed her Masters through Otago University. Her thesis was investigating possible relationships between postural and movement parameters in the sagittal plane in a sample of 61 subjects.

Katherine worked in the U.K for 7 years including 2 years in a specialist knee clinic and 2 years at Physioworks, a private practice that specialised in muscle imbalance.

Katherine has a keen interest in hockey and juggles participation with her role as mother!

  • Diploma of Physiotherapy - Otago School of Physiotherapy 1988
  • Post graduate Diploma of Manipulative Physiotherapy 1997
  • Masters of Physiotherapy
  • Member of The New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP)
  • Member of New Zealand Private Practitioners Association (NZPPA)
  • Member of New Zealand College of Physiotherapy
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Nigel Roy


Nigel Roy completed a Batchelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Otago and began work in 1997 in a Private Clinic in Gore.  Nigel has built up a vast range of knowledge in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy over his 15 years working in private practice in New Zealand and the UK.  Throughout his career he continually updates skills with ongoing professional development and enjoys the challenges of learning new skills to bring to the clinic.

Nigel juggles treatment of patients, running the business and a busy family of four daughters!

Nigel joined Riccarton Physiotherapy at the beginning of 2003 and joined the business as a partner in 2007.

In 2002 Nigel completed the acupuncture courses and in 2003, 2004 completed the manipulative Therapy courses run by NZMPA.

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy Otago University 1996
  • Professional memberships: The NZ Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP)
  • NZ Sports and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Association


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Cate Broderick


Cate is a NZ trained physio who has worked in NZ, The USA and the UK. She has spent the last 18 years working in an independent private practice in central London. Cate has attended numerous courses and has had the benefit of developing excellent working relationships with many of London's top surgeons. She uses manual therapy techniques along with a functional rehabilitation approach to provide patients with a treatment plan that is individual to their needs.

Marie Mullins

Dip Phys

Marie worked in orthopaedics at Waikato and Middlemore hospitals before moving to the private sector and opening her own Practice in Auckland.

After working in Toronto and Canada she returned to New Zealand and settled in Canterbury.

Marie joined Riccarton Physiotherapy in 2005 and works part time at Campus Health and Riccarton Physio.

  • Diploma of Physiotherapy, Otago University. (1974)
  • Diploma Manual Therapy (1986)
  • Professional Memberships: New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists. NZSP
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Sally Leech

Dip Phys., Dip Manip Phty

Sally has enjoyed working in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy for over 20 years.  She graduated in 1988 with a Diploma in Physiotherapy from ATI and in 1995 she gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy from the University of Otago.  

Sally initially worked at Christchurch Hospital for 2 years then spent 3 years in the UK working in various physio clinics. On returning to Christchurch she worked for over 15 years at SportsMed. During that time she was team Physio for various national and regional teams including NZ womens Academy hockey; NZ U18 Girls Hockey; Canterbury Mens Hockey; Netball World Cup Christchurch1999; NZ Womens Cricket; Canterbury and Southern Womens Hockey; and Canterbury Country Netball team. More recently she has worked at a London Sports physiotherapy clinic which specialised in running and in an occupational health physiotherapy role.

Sallly has worked at Riccarton Physio part time since early 2011. She enjoys seeing a variety of clients and has special interests in sports injuries; spinal injuries; scoliosis; pregnancy and post-natal related back pain; and rehabilitation including Pilates. Sally is also one of our Bounce Back instructors.

  • Diploma of Physiotherapy 1988 ATI School of Physiotherapy
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Manipulative Physiotherapy 1995 - University of Otago
  • Member of NZ Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP)
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Michaela Crutchley

Dip Phys

Michaela graduated 1995 in Kerlsbad Langensteinbach Teaching Hospital of University Heidelberg and worked for 1 year at University Hospital Erlangen – Numberg in orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, psychiatry and hand surgery.

Between 1996-1999 Michaela worked in a rehab clinic in Dobel in the Black Forest in neurology, stroke rehab, orthopedics, respiratory and oncology; and then moved to private practice in Germany in 2000.

Michaela immigrated to New Zealand 2001 and worked for 1 year in Timaru Hospital. In 2002-2007 – Michaela moved to older person’s health and private practice/musculo skeletal and since 2007 has worked in private practice only.

  • Diploma in Physiotherapy.
  • Manual Therapy – 1999
  • Osteopathy – 1999
  • Professional Memberships: The NZ Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP)
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Ben Fryett


Ben is a new graduate and started with the practice in February 2016. Growing up in Tauranga Ben was always very passionate about sports and loved to be active. He involved himself in everything he could and as he grew he developed an interest in the human body and its functions. This led him to Dunedin where he earned his Bachelor degree and has since settled in to Christchurch.

He has developed experience working with a wide variety of clients and conditions and loves the challenges he is faced with each day in his new profession.

Qualifications:                         Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Otago University 2015

 Professional memberships:    The NZ Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP)

                                                NZ Manipulative Physiotherapists Association

Hannah Baylis


Hannah graduated Otago University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and has a Post Grad Certificate in Acupuncture (2009). Since graduating she has worked in private practises in both New Zealand and United Kingdom. Hannah uses a wide range of therapies including manual therapy, Pilates, acupuncture and exercises prescription. Hannah enjoys treating a wide variety of injuries but has a keen interest in orthopaedic rehab especially spinal and lower limb.

Kate Radford


Kate joined the Riccarton Physio team in January 2018.  Kate brings with her great knowledge of pilates, dance, and exercise prescription having worked in these fields for many years.

Kate is working from both Riccarton and Longhurst sites currently.

Joseph Ni


Joe Graduated from Otago University in 2018 and joined our Riccarton team in January 2019.  Joe is currently working at both Riccarton and Longhurst.

Jack Gifford


Jack graduated from Otago University in 2018 and joined our team in February 2019.

Jack is currently working from both Riccarton and Campus Health sites.

Hannah Shaw

Massage therapist

I joined the Riccarton physio team in October 2010.  Graduated in March 2008 with a diploma in massage therapy from the Canterbury college of natural medicine.

In my massage treatments I incorporate a blend of deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish and sports techniques. I have developed good clinical assessment skills allowing me to focus on the specific areas that need to be treated. I also offer a massage treatment called "positional release" which relaxes the muscles without the need for deep pressure being applied. I love the challenge of helping people improve their quality of life by reducing pain and lowering their stress levels which allows them to function better
in their everyday activities. I especially enjoy treating people with shoulder and neck pain, sciatica and headaches/migraines.

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Leanne Foote


Leanne began working with Riccarton Physio in 2016 and has quickly become extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the patients journey and dealing with ACC.  Leanne keeps Riccarton physio site running smoothly and efficiently.

Leanne works Wednesday afternoon through to Friday.

Sue Loveridge

Sue has joined our admin team in January 2019 and will be on the desk at Riccarton Monday through to Wednesday.

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